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Cindy's Legacy Charity
Financial Relief
Our mission is to provide some financial relief through a variety of means to qualified individuals. We provide the following types of support:

  • Gift cards to assist with expenses such as prescriptions, transportation/gas, medical supplies, and other household bills.
  • 2020 focus areas: Brain Cancer and Breast Cancer

Please note that our financial aid program is not ongoing. We open it up periodically throughout the year as funding becomes available. And, this year we are focusing grants on brain and breast cancer patients. Thank you.​
Cindy's Legacy Services
To learn more about our programs or to inquire about assistance, please fill out our request form. Please note, this is not our formal application. The application process will be explained should you qualify. 

**Current priority is given to direct referrals from hospitals, social workers, and other nonprofit organizations. 

Care Packages
Our care package program is on-hold while we seek to locate a new vendor. Please continue to check back!
Resources & Referrals
Sometimes cancer patients and their caregivers or family members just need a helping hand. That's why we want to provide personal resources, referrals and some administrative services to help lift your burdens. Contact us for our referral database and any other tips/information on things like medicaid, disability etc.
**While we would truly love to help everyone all of the time, we simply cannot. We typically have a pipeline of hundreds of applications before us. Therefore, our guidelines stipulate that our grants are given as "one-time only" and we are unable to respond to repeat grant requests.