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About Cindy's Legacy
Cindy’s Legacy is a 501(c)3 charitable organization founded in honor of Cynthia “Cindy” Martin, a Northern Virginia native, long-time community hairstylist, and mother of three who lost her battle to brain cancer in 2011. 

It is her story that has inspired her family to act...
While undergoing intense treatment plans, Cindy not only had to battle cancer and the physical and emotional pain that comes along with it, but because she was unable to work in her profession and lacked adequate health or disability insurance, she and her family were confronted with ongoing anxiety and frustrations while navigating the muddy waters of doctors, hospitals, health insurance providers, patient advocacy groups, and governmental assistance organizations.  

Despite all of the "resources" out there, very few actually provided the help that was so desperately needed. While some organizations were good at connecting them with resources, there was a lack of actual hands-on assistance. And, while household and medical bills continued to mount because she was unable to work, financial assistance was desperately needed.

Cindy’s family vowed that no one should have to wade their way through administrative nightmares, and endure added mental, physical, or financial stress while they are fighting a deadly disease. It is because of this that they decided to start a charity that will lend personal and financial support to cancer fighters and their families, so they can focus on one thing – surviving.

Stacy M. Brooks - President

Jennell Lynch - Vice President

Lesley Lambert - Treasurer

Krystle Martin - Secretary